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Eco-RESIDEThe economic efficiency of urban design as a means of increasing physical activity and promoting health.

Eco-RESIDE adds an economic component to the RESIDE (RESIDential Environments) Project. RESIDE is a longitudinal prospective study undertaken in Western Australia, evaluating a state government subdivision design code based on new urbanism principles.

Eco-RESIDE will evaluate the impact of the policy on a number of social outcomes including physical activity of residents living in new housing developments, some of which have been developed using the Liveable Neighbourhood Guidelines.

The project is approved by the National Health and Medical Research Council.


  • Measure the costs of aspects of urban design such as the provision of footpaths, parks, and shops that are associated with increased physical activity (walking)
  • Derive summary estimates of the health benefits of increased physical activity that result from those improvements (quality-adjusted life-years)
  • Assess the cost-utility of urban design as a means of improving health and preventing chronic disease