Faculty of Science

UWA Paediatric Exercise Health Research Group

A collaborative group of paediatric focused academics and clinicians working in a living lab environment to:

  • Produce research focused on improving child and adolescent health and wellbeing
  • Investigate and promote physical activity
  • Explore mechanistic research
  • Facilitate translation of research into practice via longitudinal data collection via the UWA Paediatric Exercise Programs

Multidisciplinary Research Focus

  • The role of exercise modalities on health and participation in paediatric populations
  • Utilising technology to assess and develop fundamental movement skills
  • Investigating alterations in neurological structure and function utilising MRI techniques
  • Implementing psychological approaches for promoting health and exercise outcomes
  • Body composition, metabolic health risk and activity in children with movement disorders
  • Measure, monitor and promote opportunities for children to be more physically active
  • Assessing cardiovascular function of children with metabolic conditions
  • Investigating the neuromuscular biomechanics of children with movement disorders

Publications Snap Shot

Thornton, A., Licari, M.K., Reid,S.L., Armstrong, J., Fallows, R., Elliott, C. (2015). ‘Cognitive orientation to (daily) occupational performance intervention leads to improvements in impairments, activity and participation in children with developmental Coordination Disorder.’Disability and Rehabilitation, DOI:10.3109/09638288.2015.1070298

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Crisp, N.A., Fournier, P.A., Licari M.K, Braham, R., Guelfi KJ. (2012). ‘Optimising Sprint Interval Exercise to Maximise Energy Expenditure and Enjoyment in Overweight Boys.’Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, 37(6), 1222-1231

Current Projects

Imitation and motor imagery in children with developmental coordination disorder: Investigation of mirror neuron functioning

Investigators: Jess Reynolds, A/Prof Melissa Licari, A/Prof Brendan Lay, Prof Catherine Elliot, Dr Jac Bilington, Dr Jackie Wiliams, Dr Michael Bynevelt

Current Status: Data analysis and manuscript preparation

Contact Details:


Impact of physiological and psychosocial factors on physical activity in children with developmental coordination disorder 

Investigators: Kemi Wright, A/Prof Louise Naylor, Dr Bonnie Furzer, A/Prof Siobhan Reid, A/Prof Melissa Licari

Current Status: Currently recruiting families with children between 6-12 years of age. For more information

Contact Details:kemi.wright@uwa.edu.au


Reliability and validity of 5RM strength testing and a resistance training skills battery in children across the spectrum of motor proficiency

Investigators: Marc Bebich-Philip, Dr Ashleigh Thornton, Dr Bonnie Furzer, Kemi Wright, A/Prof Siobhan Reid

Current Status: Manuscript preparation.

Contact Details:pep-sseh@uwa.edu.au


A health related movement based video games rating measure for consumers

Investigators: A/Prof Michael Rosenberg, Rebecca Braham, A/Prof Brendan Lay, Christina Mills, Joanna Granich, Steve Pratt


Development of a movement skills assessment rationale from perceptual processes involved  in human movement assessment

Investigators: Brodie Ward, A/Prof Michael Rosenberg, A/Prof Brendan Lay, Dr Ashleigh Thornton


The ‘Participate’ Project: Preparing children with acquired brain injury for integration into community recreation and leisure activity

Investigators: Claire Willis, A/Prof Siobhan Reid, Dr Anna Gubbay, Dr Sonya Girdler, A/Prof Michael Rosenberg, Dr Astrid Nyquist, A/Prof Reidun Jahnsen, Dr Noula Gibson, A/Prof Jane Valentine, A/Prof Catherine Elliot

Collaborators and funding partners


  • State Child Development Centre 
  • Princess Margaret Hospital
  • Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital Healthway
  • Cancer Council WA
  • Heart Foundation
  • Curtin University
  • Notre Dame University
  • Victoria University
  • University of Queensland
  • Melbourne University
  • Royal Children’s Hospital (Melbourne)


  • University of Munich
  • St Guys Hospital London
  • University of Leeds
  • Loughborough
  • Birmingham
  • University of Southern California
  • Penn State
  • Darmouth
  • McMaster
  • University of British Columbia
  • Swansea University
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Contact PEP by email at pep-sseh@uwa.edu.au