What we do? Why?

The UWA Paediatric Exercise Programs (PEP) aim to provide a positive environment in which children and teens can develop movement skills and participate in physical activity at an age appropriate level. Drawing on clinical experience and evidence-based practice, the UWA Paediatric Exercise Programs provide tailored not-for-profit exercise programs to the wider community to encourage and assist WA children and teens with physical activity and participation.

Participation in our programs is open to any child or teen who

  • Faces difficulties performing physical activity at an age appropriate level
  • Has been diagnosed with a musculoskeletal, motor learning, behavioural, metabolic or other complex juvenile condition
  • Lacks the confidence and/or skills to perform physical activity with their peers
  • Would like to improve their abilities in particular movement skills (e.g. running)
  • Would like to participate in community sport, but needs to improve specific skills relating to that sport
  • Would benefit from socialising with children facing similar challenges

If you are unsure as to whether the Paediatric Exercise Programs are appropriate for your child, please complete the enquiry form and we would be happy to discuss your individual situation.

Getting Started

Prior to entry into our programs, your child will be required to come into UWA for a movement assessment. All children are formally assessed using an age standardised movement assessment including gross and fine motor skills, strength and fitness variables.

Parents are asked to provide information regarding their child?s medical history, movement and current activities, as well as their expectations with regards to outcomes of the program.

The assessment takes approximately 1 hour to complete and can be scheduled at a variety of times throughout the week, including weekends and after school.

 The assessment cost is $105 and includes the preparation of a simple report for parents &/or referring health professional.

To book an assessment please call 6488 2361 or complete this enquiry form

What happens after the assessment?

Following the initial assessment our program staff will be able to make a recommendation on the suitability of our programs for your child and develop a plan based on your child?s needs and program availability.

A number of our programs currently run at capacity with limited places becoming available each semester. Following the assessment your child may be placed on the waitlist until a place becomes available in an appropriate program. We will endeavour to provide you with a minimum waiting time or provide other program options whilst on the wait list.

Does my child need an assessment immediately if they are being placed on a wait list?

Prior to scheduling an assessment we will let you know the current capacity of programs, however without completing the assessment we are unable to determine the most appropriate program (or wait list) for your child.

We strongly recommend an assessment as early as possible to determine the next course of action. In the event that over 12 months has elapsed since the assessment and the acceptance of a place in our program, an updated assessment may be required.

If you are unsure, or if your child has recently been assessed and referred by a relevant health professional (i.e. OT) please discuss with our team (pep-sseh@uwa.edu.au or 6448 2361)