A collaborative group of paediatric focused academics and clinicians working in a living lab environment to:

  • Produce research focused on improving child and adolescent health and wellbeing
  • Investigate and promote physical activity
  • Explore mechanistic research
  • Facilitate translation of research into practice via longitudinal data collection via the UWA Paediatric Exercise Programs

Multidisciplinary Research Focus

  • The role of exercise modalities on health and participation in paediatric populations
  • Utilising technology to assess and develop fundamental movement skills
  • Investigating alterations in neurological structure and function utilising MRI techniques
  • Implementing psychological approaches for promoting health and exercise outcomes
  • Body composition, metabolic health risk and activity in children with movement disorders
  • Measure, monitor and promote opportunities for children to be more physically active
  • Assessing cardiovascular function of children with metabolic conditions
  • Investigating the neuromuscular biomechanics of children with movement disorders

Publications Snap Shot

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Crisp, N.A., Fournier, P.A., Licari M.K, Braham, R., Guelfi KJ. (2012). `Optimising Sprint Interval Exercise to Maximise Energy Expenditure and Enjoyment in Overweight Boys.?Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, 37(6), 1222-1231

Current Projects

Imitation and motor imagery in children with developmental coordination disorder: Investigation of mirror neuron functioning

Investigators: Jess Reynolds, A/Prof Melissa Licari, A/Prof Brendan Lay, Prof Catherine Elliot, Dr Jac Bilington, Dr Jackie Wiliams, Dr Michael Bynevelt

Current Status: Data analysis and manuscript preparation

Contact Details:


Impact of physiological and psychosocial factors on physical activity in children with developmental coordination disorder 

Investigators: Kemi Wright, A/Prof Louise Naylor, Dr Bonnie Furzer, A/Prof Siobhan Reid, A/Prof Melissa Licari

Current Status: Currently recruiting families with children between 6-12 years of age. For more information

Contact Details:kemi.wright@uwa.edu.au


Reliability and validity of 5RM strength testing and a resistance training skills battery in children across the spectrum of motor proficiency

Investigators: Marc Bebich-Philip, Dr Ashleigh Thornton, Dr Bonnie Furzer, Kemi Wright, A/Prof Siobhan Reid

Current Status: Manuscript preparation.

Contact Details:pep-sseh@uwa.edu.au


A health related movement based video games rating measure for consumers

Investigators: A/Prof Michael Rosenberg, Rebecca Braham, A/Prof Brendan Lay, Christina Mills, Joanna Granich, Steve Pratt


Development of a movement skills assessment rationale from perceptual processes involved  in human movement assessment

Investigators: Brodie Ward, A/Prof Michael Rosenberg, A/Prof Brendan Lay, Dr Ashleigh Thornton


The `Participate? Project: Preparing children with acquired brain injury for integration into community recreation and leisure activity

Investigators: Claire Willis, A/Prof Siobhan Reid, Dr Anna Gubbay, Dr Sonya Girdler, A/Prof Michael Rosenberg, Dr Astrid Nyquist, A/Prof Reidun Jahnsen, Dr Noula Gibson, A/Prof Jane Valentine, A/Prof Catherine Elliot

Collaborators and funding partners


  • State Child Development Centre 
  • Princess Margaret Hospital
  • Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital Healthway
  • Cancer Council WA
  • Heart Foundation
  • Curtin University
  • Notre Dame University
  • Victoria University
  • University of Queensland
  • Melbourne University
  • Royal Children?s Hospital (Melbourne)


  • University of Munich
  • St Guys Hospital London
  • University of Leeds
  • Loughborough
  • Birmingham
  • University of Southern California
  • Penn State
  • Darmouth
  • McMaster
  • University of British Columbia
  • Swansea University
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Contact PEP by email at pep-sseh@uwa.edu.au