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National Youth Science Forum

A great insight into a Uni I was already strongly considering - I am definitely moving from Victoria!

That [the Physics Circus] was the best thing I have ever seen at any university anywhere!

If you are in Year 11 and would like to attend the National Youth Science Forum next January, visit the Forum's website for more information and to enrol.


In January each year, the University participates in a two-week program of events for students about to enter Year 12 and who are considering a tertiary education in the sciences.

Now in Canberra and Perth, the National Youth Science Forum is the only program in Australia that offers students the chance to test-drive a wide range of universities and careers in the sciences.

The Forum aims to expose the students to the different career options in the sciences, and also to the choices of tertiary institutions they can attend to obtain the degree most suited to their chosen career.

The January Forum is followed up by visits of smaller groups of participants to NYSF partner tertiary institutions, industry and government organisations.

Selection of participants for the forum is co-ordinated by Rotary International and is undertaken by Rotarians, members of the scientific community (including teachers), and former NYSF students. Selection is competitive, so the students that attend NYSF are some of the brightest young minds in the country.