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For more information about PICSE, please contact:

Belinda Pope
Science Education Officer
Telephone: (+61 8) 6488 1646
Mobile: 0459 274 273
Email: belinda.pope@uwa.edu.au

Telephone: (+61 8) 6488 1788
Email: picse-fnas@uwa.edu.au


Room 154
Physics Building
University of Western Australia


M011 - University of Western Australia
35 Stirling Highway
Crawley WA
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TThe Primary Industry Centre for Science Education (PICSE) provides teachers with interactive resources to improve their understanding of the relationship between science and the primary industries.

Science is constantly changing. We work with teachers to help connect the evolving fields of science within primary industries to high school curriculums around WA. PICSE provides free teaching resources as well as an innovative and exciting Professional Development each year.

Professional Development events

Each PICSE Teacher PDyear, PICSE holds a professional development workshop for teachers.

This year, we are excited to present "The Science of Food and Fibre Security."

Teachers of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth and Environment and Agricultural Science from years 8-12 have been attending PICSE PD's over the last seven years with many teachers returning each year to continue gaining a valuable insight into relevent and exciting science.

Over the two day professional development, PICSE UWA will be showcasing stimulating lab activities for you to get hands-on and to take back to your classroom. Teachers will gain knowledge of and confidence in teaching the area of Food and Fibre Security and to then be able to apply the importance of this in their curriculum.

In turn, students will gain relevant knowledge and understanding of the importance of primary industries which will hopefuly encourage them to consider and pursue a future in this ever-growing industry with endless possibilities.

"The Science of Food and Fibre Security" will be held on the 21st and 22nd of November 2011. Spots are limited!

For more information or to sign up, download a copy of the registration form.

Chief Scientist'sTravelling Scholarship

PICSE Professional Development days are also held at seven other PICSE activity centres across Australia.

Each year we facilitate a Teacher Travelling Scholarship, giving one teacher the opportunity to travel to another university for their professional development. This year, we will be sending a teacher to the University of New England. If you are interested in this exchange, please make a note of this on the registration form and fill out the Chief Scientist's Travelling Scholarship form.

Teaching resources

Chemistry and Biology Interactive LessonsEach year, PICSE produces an educational resource as a collaborative effort from all of the activity centres, teachers and primary industry representatives. These have been developed for use in pre-tertiary chemistry and biology classes.

Our latest release is entitled "Chemistry and Biology Interactive Science Lessons."

Every resource is designed to peak students' interest in the science involved in primary industries. They are interactive, fun and exciting to use. By working directly with teachers, PICSE has been able to create the resources to be complementary to the teaching curriculum.

All of the resources are free to order and download. For a full list of resources, check the PICSE UWA website.

Science Investigation Awards (SIA)

The Science Investigation Awards (SIA) are an opportunity for students in Years 8, 9 and 10 to investigate a project using the scientific method that interests them. Students are encouraged to explore a topic of their own choice, conduct an experiment according to the scientific method and then enter the investigation into the Science Investigation Awards for a cash prize.

Schools can get involved by first hosting their own Science Investigation Awards with support from the PICSE Science Education Officer and then entering the top students into the PICSE UWA Science Investigation Awards event.

Teachers are provided with all the information needed to hold their own SIA and are invited to attend the SIA PD at the University of Western Australia.

To sign your school up, fill out the Expression of Interest form.