Budding scientists and engineers in Years 9/10 are welcomed to UWA’s campus to fuel their passion for science, technology, engineering and maths across three days of fun.

Students will participate in hands-on workshops, meet knowledgeable and enthusiastic scientists and current students, get to know others with an interest in STEM fields, experience what it’s like to be a university student, and discover the rich variety of careers that can come from having a degree in science or engineering.

During our January 2016 event, students:

  • experienced the wonder of physics and astrophysics
  • learned how to protect our precious environment
  • discovered how maths can help win games
  • tested their fitness
  • jumped into plant cells
  • uncovered the mysteries of the heart
  • took part in an amazing race
  • were inspired by engineers working on humanitarian projects
  • witnessed the magic of chemical reactions!

An equally exciting program is scheduled for 2017. Come and join in the fun!

17, 18, and 19 January 2017
9am to 4.30pm daily
The University of Western Australia
Year 9/10 students (entering years 10/11 in 2017)
$120 per student (including GST)

For more information on costs, enrolment and FAQs, visit the Science Experience website.

Register online on the Science Experience website.