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If you want an exciting career – one that stimulates you, challenges you and rewards you with immense satisfaction – a UWA Science degree will set you on the right path!

As a UWA science student you will benefit from our state-of-the-art facilities, world-renowned staff and hands-on curriculum.

National surveys confirm that UWA graduates obtain jobs more readily and start on higher salaries than graduates from all other WA universities.

Employers want science graduates – they recognise the attributes a quality science education provides. Employers know that WA's best scientists are at UWA!

  1. Undergraduate courses
  2. Postgraduate courses
  3. International students

Undergraduate courses

Science major

As an undergraduate (high school leavers and those studying at university for the first time) you will be able to choose from a range of discipline areas (majors) in the three-year Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree.

Health science majors

We have so many ‘health science’ majors we have produced a new brochure to showcase them all.

Science as a second major or broadening unit

Students enrolled at UWA in Bachelors' degrees in other faculties can still study science as a second major, or through broadening, complementary or elective units.

The Peer Assisted Learning program

The Peer Assisted Learning program (PAL) gives first-year students enrolled in core units the opportunity to work collaboratively in small groups with guidance from trained student leaders who have recently completed the unit successfully.

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Postgraduate courses

Graduate-entry diplomas

Graduate-entry diplomas enable graduates with a Bachelor degree in another field to specialise in a major taken from the Bachelor of Science, without having to complete a second undergraduate degree in its entirety.


Students who have completed a Bachelor of Science may apply for a postgraduate degree by coursework, which include Graduate Certificates, Graduate Diplomas and Masters degrees. Coursework degrees enable students to build on their undergraduate degree with further specialisation in a particular field of science by undertaking coursework units at an advanced level of study. Some coursework degrees also involve practical training, research projects and dissertations. Coursework degrees with a research component may provide the basis for further postgraduate research or lead directly to employment.

Research and coursework

Students who have completed a Bachelor degree in a relevant discipline with at least upper-second class honours may be eligible for one of the faculty's combined degrees - including the Master of Science (thesis and coursework). These combined degrees involve a substantial research component alongside a selection of advanced coursework units, giving students the opportunity to undertake independent research in their chosen area of study. Some of these degrees are designed to meet professional accreditation requirements.

Higher degrees by research

Higher degrees by research, such as the Master of Philosophy (Science) and Doctor of Philosophy (Science), are research-only degrees designed for students who already have a background in research and involve a major research investigation or a series of related research projects, the results of which make a significant contribution to the knowledge and understanding in a field of study.

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International students

The International Centre provides support and information for international students on admission, fees and visas.

International students can:

For international students interested in doing a PhD or Master's by Research in the Faculty of Science, please complete the online enquiry form or contact hdr-enquiry@uwa.edu.au

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