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With its world-class reputation and international networks and affiliations, the Faculty of Science is at the forefront of teaching, research and innovation.  Our award-winning scientists and students are working together to address the global issues that impact the world today

The world is changing rapidly, and science is playing a major role in these transformations. A postgraduate qualification in Science from UWA will give you the skills, knowledge and resources you need to make a real difference to the changing world in which we live.

Whether you are a relative newcomer to the sciences, with an undergraduate degree in a different discipline, or a science student looking to take your research to the next level, the Faculty of Science offers a range of postgraduate study options designed to meet every student’s background and interests.

Postgraduate study options

Graduate-entry diplomas
Graduate-entry diplomas are designed for graduates who already have a degree in another discipline, and wish to specialise in a Major, such as Geology or Psychology, without having to complete another Bachelor degree in its entirety.
The Faculty of Science offers a range of postgraduate coursework degrees that involve a selection of advanced units of study along with practical training, designed to enhance the student's knowledge and understanding of a particular field of science. Some coursework programs also involve a research component, such as a project or written dissertation.

You can download course outlines for our new master's degrees, and for master's degrees with revised structures or specialisations.

These outlines have been produced in advance by the Faculty of Science, and all information is finalised and correct. Full course information will be available from the Future Students website in October/November 2014.

Check out our seven new master’s by coursework degrees being offered in 2015.

Coursework and Research
Research-intensive coursework degrees, such as the Master of Science (thesis and coursework), combine a selection of advanced study units with a significant research component, allowing students to undertake extensive independent research in their chosen field of study. We also offer a selection of degrees that combine Master's with a Doctorate or PhD.
Higher Degrees by Research
Higher Degrees by Research, such as the Master of Philosophy and Doctor of Philosophy, are research-only degrees in which the student, in consultation with an academic supervisor, devises and conducts an independent research project over a period of two years or more.

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