Faculty of Science


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Prerequisites for a science degree

A scaled score of at least 50 per cent in any WACE mathematics subject, plus UWA's requirement for competence in English.

Some science majors have higher prerequisites, such as WACE maths 3C/3D, specialist maths 3C/3D, chemistry or physics. If you do not meet the requirements, you may still be able to pursue those interests, by taking additional units.

Information about pre-requisites and recommended subjects for each major can be found on the entrance requirements tab on each major's webpage.


It is likely that the 21st century will be an unusually challenging time in the history of mankind. The need for people who have problem-solving and research expertise in the field of science will be huge.

The Bachelor of Science gives you the opportunity to harness the skills and knowledge necessary to make a real contribution to the global challenges facing humanity.

From cutting-edge pure and applied science, to new multi-disciplinary fields of science, you will gain a deep understanding of your subject area and acquire the communication and research skills that are embedded throughout each major, preparing you for the many diverse and exciting careers available.

UWA offers a wide variety of undergraduate science courses and a comprehensive range of modern research and teaching facilities and a commitment to translate the latest scientific discoveries into our teaching.

The 23 majors listed below are offered by the Faculty of Science. A wide range of other science majors are also available.