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Why Study Science at UWA

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The University of Western Australia is ranked first in WA in the number of ALTC citations our staff have been awarded, and is ranked equal second across Australia.

The citations recognise and reward the diverse contributions that individuals and teams make to the quality of student learning in higher education.

Scientist with molecule model

Scientists begin with what is known and try to go even further to extend the boundaries of human knowledge.

A Bachelor of Science at UWA could be just your thing, if you:

  • think outside the box
  • love to get to the root of things
  • crave a degree with variety and flexibility
  • want a stimulating, challenging and rewarding career.

Science that matters

Scientists study the nature of the Universe, its properties, the life that exists within it and the laws that govern the behaviour of all matter.

They are concerned with the big issues confronting our planet today and in the future, including climate change, diagnosis and treatment of disease, healthy lifestyles, food sustainability and conserving biodiversity. The importance of science in determining the wellbeing of our society is recognised by industry, business and government.

Balancing theory and practice

As a UWA science student, your studies will involve not only the theory, but the crucial technical skills of your chosen discipline. Be it in our world-class laboratories, on exciting field trips or in real-world industry placements, UWA gives you the chance to become immersed in the hands-on side of science. You can also go on exchange while studying to gain valuable soft skills well-sought by employers. The work of our teachers has been recognised at all levels. As well as this, UWA is simply a great place to study.

Highlight your career

Our graduates find employment both locally and internationally in business, industry and government, including scientific research. 

Statistics show you will have a better chance of securing full-time employment and a higher average starting salary than graduates from other universities in WA, so kick-start your career with a science degree from UWA