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Postgraduate information

Whether you are a UWA graduate, or have completed your undergraduate studies at another institution, the Faculty of Science has a postgraduate coursework degree for you.

Our degrees will enhance your existing qualifications and open up new career opportunities, by allowing you to specialise in a particular scientific field. Many have Commonwealth Supported Places and/or HECS-HELP).

Some courses have been approved by the Department of Social Services for Student Support Payments. Eligible students can receive Youth Allowance, Austudy or Pensioner Education Supplement. 

As a postgraduate student completing a coursework degree, you will undertake a selection of advanced study units, often with practical work or projects. A research component can also be involved, such as a project or written dissertation. For further information, consult the UWA Handbook or relevant study plan.

We also offer combined research and coursework degrees, such as the Master of Science (thesis and coursework), as well as higher degrees by research.

Graduate faster

It is possible to complete some master's by coursework and  master's by coursework and dissertation degrees within 1.5 years if you have previously completed an undergraduate degree in a cognate (related) area.

Subject areas

The full range of options is organised by subject area.

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