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A selection of current projects in the School is listed here.

We welcome you to discuss other research project ideas with us. To do this:
Domestic students can contact the Graduate Research Coordinator in the School or Centre in which you wish to undertake research.
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New tools to improve surgery
Despite all the sophisticated technology used in modern hospitals, there are still many scenarios that require better biomedical engineering solutions.This project aims to address this need by developing new surgical devices.
Clustering in episodic memory
Episodic memory refers to our ability to remember when and where events occurred, and specific details of events. This project will extend and test a theory of episodic memory developed in our lab.
Learning in automated environments
Automating tasks makes it easier for us to attend to other tasks, but worsens our performance on those automated tasks. This project will examine the role of learning in the negative effects of automation, and will develop strategies for overcoming these effects.
Understanding and modifying risk of suicide
According to the Interpersonal Theory of Suicide (Joiner, 2007; van Orden et al., 2010) death by suicide is a product of a thwarted sense of belongingness, combined with the perception of being a burden on others. When combined, the person begins to think about suicide but must acquire the capability. Our research group is using this and other theories to investigate the risk of suicide.
Faking behaviour
What conditions motivate people to portray themselves as being more favourable or desirable than they really are ? This project investigates the situational and dispositional predictors of applicant faking behaviour.
Overclaiming knowledge as an indicator of faking
This project investigates a new method of detecting and controlling for impression management behaviour in high-stakes personality assessment (e.g. for personnel selection).