Faculty of Science

Fiona Smith

Fiona Smith

BSc (2nd class Hons, Level A)
Production assistant
Argus Biomedical Pty Ltd

My current job is extremely varied and not what I expected to walk straight into with a BSc.

I got the job after six weeks job searching. What I discovered during those six weeks was that there was a lot more out there than simply research assistants' positions, and that changed my aspirations.

I'm now working as a production assistant with Argus Biomedical, a new offshoot company of the Lions Eye Institute.

We produce ophthalmic medical devices invented by the Institute's polymer group. One of my most memorable moments was when we achieved CE markings to sell in Europe. The CE mark is the official marking required by the European Community to allow medical devices to be sold. Even daily improvement in our processes gives me tremendous satisfaction.