Faculty of Science

Lance Myers

Lance Myers
Double major in Chemistry
(1st Class Hons)
Research Chemist
Alcoa World Alumina

Joining Alcoa World Alumina fulfilled all my aspirations when I began my studies at UWA

I wanted to join a well paid industry where the environment was challenging, rewarding and enjoyable. My honours project was a joint one between the University and Alcoa, and I later joined Alcoa World Alumina where I am now a research chemist.

My responsibilities involve research projects including fundamental science through to the application of technology at Alcoa's world wide alumina refineries.

Some of the projects I've been involved with include development of specialist sampling and analytical methodologies, development/implementation of emission control technologies and coordinating collaborative research projects with external companies and universities.

One of the most important skills I acquired at UWA was the ability to break down a problem and then work through it systematically, a skill that is invaluable in the work I do.