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Petroleum Geoscience and CO2 Sequestration

Our research covers a range of major local and international projects that span the geosciences spectrum.

The UWA Centre for Petroleum Geoscience and CO2 Sequestration (CPGCO2) is now in its fourth year of operation, with research expertise in advanced hydrocarbon exploration and recovery, unconventional energy resources, and long-term storage of CO2 as a greenhouse gas. We enjoy a variety of research collaborations with science and engineering colleagues at various Australian and International research organizations. 

3D+4D Geophysics: Our 3D+4D Geophysics research team is focused on advanced 3D and 4D geophysical simulation, imaging, inversion, quantitative interpretation and HPC (high performance computing), with applications to exploration and monitoring of oil, gas, unconventional hydrocarbons, CO2 sequestration and other subsurface energy sources. 

Basin-scale Geophysics: Our Basin-scale Geophysics team focuses on basin-scale exploration geophysics, integrating seismic with gravity, magnetic and other geophysical and geological data to produce consistent interpretations at regional scales. 

Geology: Our geology research is focused on tectonics, basin evolution, structure, depositional environments, sequence stratigraphy, biostratigraphy, palynology, sedimentology and reservoir geology, including expertise in the Carnarvon, Browse, Bonaparte, Canning, and Perth basins, as well as Timor and other international locations. 

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