The School of Human Sciences is a large multi-disciplinary School with research and teaching focussed on better understanding what it is to be human; our structure, function, development, genetics, adaptation, performance, and evolution.

The School is ranked in the world top 20 universities for Anatomy and Physiology, and Exercise and Sport Science. It embodies exciting new developments in both research and teaching.

Graduates will have a fundamental interdisciplinary understanding of human function and the manner in which it adapts to challenging and disruptive change.

Students will be skilled, innovative, and integrative scientific thinkers, whose careers will be found in fields relating to human structure, development, and performance.

The School is responsible for majors in Anatomy and Human Biology, Exercise and Health, Sport Science and Physiology. It contributes to majors in Biomedical Science and Neuroscience, and from 2017 in Medical Science.

The School delivers master's courses in Anatomical Sciences, Biological Arts, Biomedical Science, Clinical Audiology, Exercise Science, Health Science, Human Biology and Work Health and Safety.  The School also plays a key role in delivery of Doctorate programs in Medicine, Dental Medicine and Podiatric Medicine.

We are ranked in the world's top 20:

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