The School of Molecular Sciences is founded on excellence in research and teaching of science at the molecular level, from atomic interactions through to complex biological systems.

Research in molecular sciences (spanning chemistry, chemical biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, molecular genetics, ’omics, nanotechnology, molecular materials, computation, synthetic biology and systems biology) is central to our ability to deliver practical solutions to key global problems in agriculture, environmental science, biology, medicine and health, and engineering.

Research activity across the School supports a world-class Doctoral degree (PhD) program, with projects offered across our areas of research strength.

A focus of the School is to provide a rich experience at the research-teaching nexus to undergraduate majors and honours programs in chemistry, biochemistry and molecular biology, and genetics, as well as the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology specialisation in the Master of Biotechnology and Master of Biomedical Science, and the Genetics and Genomics specialisation in the Master of Biotechnology.

Students at all levels experience high-quality hands-on practical laboratory training in modern teaching facilities and research-laboratory embedded projects.