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Welcome to Current Students, your one-stop shop for Faculty of Science student information.

Advice and support

Who to see for advice and where to find them.

Undergraduate Student Information

Check out our Undergraduate student information page, designed to help you settle in to life as an undergraduate student.

Postgraduate student information

Check out our Postgraduate student information page, designed to help you settle in to life as a postgraduate student.

Enrolment information

Information to assist you in effectively managing your enrolment.

Unit outlines

Use UIMS to access your unit outlines online for all the information you need to complete your course.

Assessments, policies and exams

Access assignment and exam resources and assessment policies.

Student Exchange

Study overseas at renowned universities for one or two semesters and gain credit towards your UWA degree.

Computer facilities

Computing locations and facilities.

The Science Library

Subject guides, opening hours and location.

Scholarships and awards

Information on undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships and awards.

Peer Assisted Learning Program (PAL)

The PAL program gives first-year students the opportunity to work collaboratively with guidance from trained student leaders.

Current students Singapore

One stop shop for current students in Singapore.

Life after graduation

Information on staying connected with the global network of UWA alumni.