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Legal textbooks

The operation of the University is governed by a range of Commonwealth and State legislation and by the University's statutes, by-laws, regulations, rules and policies.

Academic conduct

The University of Western Australia takes very seriously the matter of academic misconduct by students and has policies in place that define misconduct (including plagiarism) and the penalties that apply. The consequences for misconduct can be severe, including exclusion from the University.

All students are expected to make themselves aware of the definitions and the policies relating to academic misconduct and with any additional requirements or stipulations that may be provided by individual coordinators.

Approved leave

If you are planning to take time off, and are not enrolled for any part of an academic year, you will need to apply for approved leave. To apply, you will need to submit an application online via studentConnect

Assignment cover sheet

Students are required to submit their assignments with the Faculty of Science assignment cover sheet.

Calculator policy

The calculator policy outlines the type of calculators that can be used in examination venues. You can obtain your calculator sticker from the Science Student Office.

University Charter of Student Rights and Responsibilities

The University Charter of Student Rights and Responsibilities sets out the fundamental rights and responsibilities of students and their organisations at The University of Western Australia.

The Charter also recognises that students are central to a dynamic University community. In doing so, the University recognises the importance of student rights, responsibilities and opinion and encourages diversity within the student body.


Students who are concerned about the quality of teaching, supervision, administrative processes conduct of staff or other students can submit a complaint to the complaint resolution unit.

Credit for previous study

If you wish to receive credit towards your current degree based on previous study, either from UWA or another approved institution, you will need to apply for advanced standing. Submit your completed advanced standing form to the Science Student Office for consideration.

Cross-institutional study

UWA students

If you would like to study on a cross-institutional basis, you will need to complete a cross-institutional approval form. Submit your completed form, along with a brief outline of the unit(s) you intend to study, to the Science Student Office for approval in person or via askUWA.

Non-UWA students

Students undertaking an award course at another institution can apply to undertake units at UWA for credit towards their degree on a cross-institutional basis. Students have to submit a cross-institutional admission enrolment form to Student Administration.

Exams and deferred exams

You are responsible for checking when and where your exams are held. You can do this by checking your timetable in studentConnect. Student Administration provides detailed information on exams, assessments and results.

Deferred exams

Deferred exams are offered under the special consideration policy if a student has been severely affected by an illness or other factors outside their control.

Past exam papers

Past exam papers are available to staff and students via Onesearch.

Review and appeals

A student who is concerned about the validity of a decision that affects their academic outcomes, standing or progress at the University is entitled to request a review of that decision by the original decision-maker or decision-making body. Students are strongly encouraged to contact the decision maker informally before lodging an official review to discuss the decision in question.

Special consideration

You can apply for special consideration if you believe your study has been severely affected by an illness or other factors outside your control. To apply, you must submit a special consideration form to the Science Student Office within three university working days after the assessment due date. For further information refer to the special consideration policy.

Student exchange and study abroad

There are a wide range of global learning opportunities available to you. These overseas opportunities allow you to gain credit towards your UWA degree. These include student exchange programs, independent study abroad, short term programs and UWA overseas units. Further information on study abroad programs and study abroad scholarships can be found via the UWA Global Studio.

Supplementary assessment

If you have been granted a supplementary assessment, your grade will appear as SG when results are released for that semester via studentConnect. Students cannot apply for supplementary assessment, a supplementary assessment is granted automatically by the Board of Examiners.

Undergraduate students only

Supplementary assessments are offered for a unit a student is currently enrolled in, it is the only remaining unit required for degree completion and a student has achieved a mark between 45–49%. For some undergraduate science units (usually level 1 only), supplementary assessment opportunities are offered to students whose marks fall between 45–49%. The unit details in the handbook will specify whether or not a unit offers a supplementary assessment under the ‘Assessments’ section.