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The Schools within the Faculty run a weekly seminar series during semester on a range of research topics.

  1. Agricultural and Resource Economics
  2. Plant Biology

Agricultural and Resource Economics

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Plant Biology


Previous Seminars - 2015

Date Location Presenter


09/03/15 Botany Seminar Room (Rm.2.14)
Prof.Guijun Yan (UWA)
Creating plant materials for high-quality biological research
02/03/15 Simmonds LT. GP.3
Prof.Richard Oliver (Curtin University)
The formula for the sustainable management of fungicide resistance
23/02/15 Botany Seminar Room (Rm.2.14)
Prof.Jim Barrow (UWA)
A trail of discovery - with a twist in the tail.
16/02/15 Botany Seminar Room (Rm.2.14)
Prof. Hans Lambers (UWA)

The role of phosphorus in explaining plant biodiversity patterns and processes in a global biodiversity hotspot

09/02/15 Botany Seminar Room (Rm.2.14)
Ms.Alexandra Rouillard (PhD student)

Reconstructing extreme hydrological variability over recent millenia in semi-arid northwest Australia