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For more information about SCoReS please contact Dr Joanne Castelli

SCoReS (Science Communication and Research Skills) is a non-compulsory unit to be used as a resource to help with your science communication and research skills.

Every student at UWA has access to SCoReS. Completion of the tutorials is voluntary, they are not assessed and carry no points towards your degree.


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When you work through the SCoReS unit you will find modules on:

  • Module 1 - Prepare to Write
  • Module 2 - Write Scientifically
  • Module 3 - Collaborate
  • Module 4 - Deliver Your Presentation
  • Module 5 - Beyond Your Degree

Within each module are a number of tutorials which take an average of 20 minutes to complete. The tutorials can be completed in any order.

Tutorials start with an introduction listing the learning objectives, and conclude with a summary and links to further information about the topics covered.  The body of the tutorial contains several sections with links to other resources, such as checklists and worksheets that you can download and use. Some tutorials begin with a quiz (ungraded) to test your knowledge of the topic.

The CARS modules serve as the perfect introduction to much of the material that is covered in the SCoReS modules.

How SCoReS can be used

There are two main ways that SCoReS can be used:

  • You can use SCoReS independently to improve your communication and research skills. You can do this by working through the tutorials in each module, or by going to the particular module or tutorial that covers the topic in which you are interested.
  • You may be directed by your tutor or lecturer to complete particular tutorials and use resources within SCoReS.

You can access SCoReS by enrolling yourself in the SCoReS unit on the Learning Management System (LMS).