Faculty of Science


Further information

Students based in Singapore can undertake a Bachelor of Science degree locally at the School of Life and Physical Sciences, a partnership between UWA and PSB Academy

PSB Academy is one of the largest independent education and training institutions in Singapore, and has established international ties with universities from Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom.

The following Bachelor of Science programs are available to future students through the School of Life and Physical Sciences:

Students currently enrolled in the Psychology, Sport Science or Psychology and Human Performance programs or the Graduate Diploma in Psychology can submit a query to askUWA in relation to their enrolment or course pathway.

Textbooks and calculators

Textbook lists are available from the PSB office before each unit begins. We advise you to wait for your first lectures before purchasing textbooks, as these lists may vary at the discretion of the unit co-ordinator.

Only approved calculators can be used in tests or exams. Talk to your unit co-ordinator for more details.

Is there a cheaper option?

If there is a selection of recommended reading rather than a single textbook, you can use texts in the campus libraries.

Some students use noticeboards to sell their textbooks from previous years. Make sure the specified edition is still current.