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Is there a lecturer or tutor you think did a fantastic job this year?

Here is your chance to acknowledge those people by nominating them for a Faculty of Science Teaching and Learning Award.

Nominations open annually until the 1st December and can be submitted by completing the online nomination form.


Our awards recognise, promote and reward excellent teaching and support of teaching within the Faculty of Science and are offered in eight categories.

Award winners may be nominated by the Faculty to the University for a UWA Award for Excellence in Teaching, and possible entry for a national teaching award.

Award categories

The Faculty may award up to eight awards with flexibility to award more than one award in any of the categories.

  1. Excellence in Coursework Teaching  
  2. Excellence in Coursework Teaching (Early Career Teacher – up to 3 years)
  3. Excellence in Coursework Teaching (First Year Teaching) 
  4. Excellence in Honours Research Supervision
  5. Excellence in Postgraduate Research Supervision
  6. Excellence in Student Support (e.g. Administration, Demonstration, Tutoring, Preparation)
  7. Programs that Enhance Student Learning
  8. Excellent Student Teacher Award

2014 – 2015 award winners

2013 – 2014 award winners

2012 – 2013 award winners