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The design and quality of our cities, towns and neighbourhoods impacts on our health by influencing the opportunities and choices we make each day.

How you travel, where you go, even what you eat, is shaped by the amenities, design and character of the built environment. How shared places and spaces are used, by whom and when, can also affect our choices. Health can be enhanced or diminished by the form, function and quality of the built and social environments in which we live.

The Centre for the Built Environment and Health has been researching the relationships between urban planning, community design and health for over eight years. We explore the impact on physical, mental and social health outcomes across all age groups.

Our research involves a multi-disciplinary team and multiple methods to identity and test what can promote health and wellbeing and reduce illness and preventable disease. We have developed an extensive database to support spatial analysis and combine this with public health principles and practice.

Our team of academics and GIS professionals undertakes a diverse range of projects to improve understanding of the relationship between city design and health, including nationally competitively funded studies and bespoke analyses for government agencies and community organisations.

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