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RESIDential Environment Study (RESIDE)
Butler WA
The RESIDE project commenced in 2003 as a longitudinal natural experiment of the impact of urban design on health. This project, RESIDE II, builds upon the original RESIDE project. This second phase aims to examine the longer-term health impacts of urban design on health status and to translate the research findings into policy and practice.
Investigating the economic efficiency of urban design as a means of increasing physical activity and promoting health.
Life Course Grant
Butler WA
Little is known about the variability of relationships for different population sub-groups and how different aspects of the environment might influence different groups differently across the life course. This project investigates the relationships between the built environment, health behaviour and health outcomes across the life course, while taking a critical look at the methods and tools currently used.
Child's Play
Exploring opportunities for children to play from the perspective of Australian parents, children and those involved in the design and provision of parks and playgrounds.
Pooches And Walking Study (PAWS)
Pooches and walking study
A physical activity intervention targeting dog owners.
Public Open Space Desktop Audit Tool (POSDAT)
An environmental audit tool developed for more detailed evaluation of public open spaces.