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POS Tool ? An interactive database on Public Open Space for Perth and Peel Region

Further information

POS Tool is an interactive database on Public Open Space launched on the 12 June 2013. It is a web-based geospatial tool providing the opportunity to visualise and analyse the spatial distribution of POS and Parks and park amenity (such as lighting, water features, nature, provision for dogs) to support urban planning practice and land allocation of POS in the Perth Metropolitan and Peel Region. POS Tool can also provide useful data on POS to support a wide range of research.

POS Tool provides data on what amenities are available in different park and data were collected using POSDAT a park audit system developed at UWA. The POSDAT Instruction Manual provides detailed descriptions and graphics for all features included in POSDAT.

POS Tool users can search and analyse the POS Tool using two political units – at the suburb level or local government authority (LGA).  Forthcoming advanced features will allow users to identify specific areas of interest and test future scenarios regarding changing provision of POS and population.

The development of POS Tool was funded by a grant from ANDS (Australian National Data Service) and extends an ongoing program of research at the Centre for the Built Environment and Health aimed at understanding the impact of the built environment on mental, physical and social health outcomes.