Faculty of Science

Fieldwork vessels and equipment

The group has a wide range of field equipment including two trail-able vessels (see below) as well as a wide range of seawater monitoring equipment with a focus on the measurement and monitoring of the carbonate chemistry of seawater. These consist of two Pro-Oceanus pCO2 sensors, pH probes, pO2 sensors, temperature loggers, tidal gauges, and salinity sensors. There are also complementary lab facilities for alkalinity measurements and calibrating the pH probes.


Saturation State is a 6.7m Stabicraft. Its stability, large fuel tank, work deck, and cockpit provide an effective workboat used for coral coring, sampling, and SCUBA diving in coastal waters. Saturation State

Z-Spar is a 4.2m collapsible zodiac that enables access to very shallow water reefs and beaches for conducting calcification and coastal processes research. Z-Spar

The Oxygen sensor, which measures oxygen is used a monitoring tool to make sure that there is no abnormalities in the dissolved oxygen levels that may affect the corals we are growing and (re)weighing at different points in time.

A Light logger measures the Photosynthetic Available Radiation or PAR which is a direct measure of the available light that hits the symbiont algae in the coral.