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If you have an issue that requires specialised research and development expertise, or you would like to develop a joint research arrangement with UWA, the Office of Industry and Innovation can help.

Research partnerships

 The Faculty of Science is developing research outcomes that benefit industry and the wider community.  

Research initiatives

The University fosters research initiatives between business and industry and priority areas of the University, especially in strategic areas of research strength.

The initiative is led by Pro Vice-Chancellor, Research, Winthrop Professor Peter Davies, and develops larger-scale collaborations between UWA and Commonwealth Government agencies, particularly the CSIRO and its Flagship program, and works with State Government departments and the private sector to build research links.

Office of Industry and Innovation

UWA's Office of Industry and Innovation works with early-stage investors, venture capitalists and other commercial interests who are keen to commercialise UWA's research outcomes.

Under Dr Andy Sierakowski, the Office of Industry and Innovation facilitates contacts between industry and UWA researchers to explore collaborative research opportunities. The office also has an industry liaison role to help industry-sponsored research contracts.

UWA Science

UWA Science provides a wealth of expertise supported by specialist facilities, a willingness to listen to the needs of industry and a strong desire to build long-term relationships.

  1. Opportunities and benefits
  2. Centre for Exploration Targeting
  3. Centre for Microscopy, Characterisation and Analysis
  4. Centre for Forensic Science
  5. International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research
  6. Centre for Petroleum Geoscience and CO2 Sequestration
Opportunities and benefits

There are many opportunities for business and State government agencies to partner with The Faculty of Science. 

These include:

  • Partner in research projects to develop outcomes that benefit industry and the wider community.
  • Sponsor research infrastructure to ensure our State remains at the forefront of innovation in the Pacific region.
  • Name recognition with world-expert Professional Chair appointments.
  • Sponsorship of named scholarships or prizes.
  • Research consultancy services including state-of-the-art analytical facilities.
  • Support for undergraduateand postgraduate students of the highest calibre who are mentored by  researchers  who are internationally recognised as among leaders in their fields.


For further information please contact research-sci@uwa.edu.au

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Centre for Exploration Targeting

The Centre for Exploration Targeting (CET) is an applied research expertise that seeks to increase both the rate and quality of mineral discoveries without relying on substantial increases in exploration expenditure.

We recognise that recent profound changes in the mining industry have widened the gap between the outputs of current research and the technologies that industry needs to increase the discovery rate.

This gap provides a market opportunity for the Centre to produce applied research and innovation outcomes that deliver practical integrated targeting tools and techniques to improve the risk/reward ratio in exploration.

Our goal is to work with industry to develop more efficient exploration methods and to share our research with the business community to encourage and cultivate future economic growth.

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Centre for Microscopy, Characterisation and Analysis

The Centre for Microscopy, Characterisation and Analysis(CMCA) can assist your business with services ranging from simple testing to leveraged programs focusing on applied research and innovation.

Our expert technical and academic staff ensure that our facilitiesand expertise are used to achieve your goals.

Industry services include:

  • direct use of Centre instruments by industry users
  • testing or consultancy services
  • training
  • contract research and development projects
  • leveraged research and development projects.

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Centre for Forensic Science

The Centre for Forensic Sciencehas forged links with state and national police services in Australia and leads the forensic community in many sciences such as forensic botany and entomology.

We offer a number of services to national and federal police and law enforcement agencies, industry organisations and the general public, both locally and internationally, including:

  • cold case reviews
  • forensic testing
  • forensic advice in legal matters
  • teleforensics (remote crime scene investigation)
  • independent forensic consultancy
  • disaster victim identification.

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International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research

The International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research(ICRAR) is a collaborative international centre that achieves research excellence in astronomical science and engineering.

ICRAR is promoting the availability and capacity of local industry to support the Square Kilometre Array (SKA) endeavourr as part of the Australian SKA Industry Consortium(ASKAIC) and in conjunction with CSIRO. ICRAR sees many links with industry increasing from its engineering and technology programs, and will be active in showcasing and growing local capabilities via a range of activities including:

  • exchange of selected personnel between radio astronomy and industry in order to bring about a greater understanding of SKA requirements in key industry sectors
  • growth of radio astronomy options in educational curricula at various levels to assist providing industry with domain-literate graduates
  • increased interaction with ASKAIC with a view to ensure that more WA businesses participate in national industry initiatives.

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Centre for Petroleum Geoscience and CO2 Sequestration

The Centre for Petroleum Geoscience and CO2 Sequestration(CPGCO2) is bringing together dedicated researchers, educators and industry partners to better explore and develop Australia’s hydrocarbon energy resources, and to sequester greenhouse gases like CO2 in an environmentally responsible manner.

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