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Employers in business, government, industry and education need graduates who are trained to think, analyse and communicate.

A UWA science degree opens the door to a huge range of careers. We challenge our students to think critically and push boundaries. The skills you learn will prepare you for positions in the professions, research and in areas where your skills will be highly sought after in an ever-changing workforce environment. 

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Professional science

Our science graduates combine high-level understanding of their subject with advanced technical experience and broader skills. They have the capacity to translate theory into practice and to tackle problems with initiative and resourcefulness.

Among employers taking on graduates in science-related positions are:

The UWA Careers Centre has information on future prospects, including employer links, job listings and personalised feedback on resumes and job applications.

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Science research

UWA is a member of Australia's prestigious Group of Eight research-intensive universities.

As the premier research institution in Western Australia, we offer research opportunities at international standards of excellence. Many of our research groups are led by national and international award winners, most notably the 2005 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine winners, Professor Barry Marshall and Emeritus Professor Robin Warren.

The Faculty of Science houses nearly 30 specialist research centres and institutes, providing outstanding research focus and exceptional environments for postgraduate students and academics.

We also have graduates working for many of Australia's top research organisations, such as:

You can discover more about UWA's achievements in research.

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Graduates also use their science degree as a launch pad to work in areas where a generic skills base is highly valued

Most science degrees are not vocationally oriented, unlike such degrees as medicine, engineering or law. The career choices and opportunities available after completing a science degree are so exceptionally varied that it is nearly impossible to discuss a typical career path in science.

It is estimated that today's graduates will undergo three to five (or more) career changes, not just job changes, during their working lifetimes. Employers in our rapidly changing world call for adaptable graduates who think critically and possess an assortment of generic, transferable skills that complement their working in a diverse range of fields.

Studying Science at UWA will equip you with these crucial skills and give you a competitive advantage in the employment market:

  • analysis and critical thinking
  • ability to find, interpret and critically evaluate information
  • confidence to challenge established ideas
  • problem-solving and investigation
  • rigorous and logical scientific methodology
  • research skills
  • numeracy
  • independent and teamwork skills
  • written and oral presentation skills
  • IT literacy
  • communication and interpersonal skills.

Read more about national graduate statistics.

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Finding a position

Around two-thirds of jobs suited to science graduates are not advertised.

The majority of science-related employment opportunities come about through a graduate's own initiative, and many students secure graduate jobs before they finish their studies. By utilising a network of contacts built up over the course of their university experience, students can maximise their exposure and involvement in the scientific community, boosting their opportunities in the workforce once their university journey has ended.

At UWA, our science courses are taught by internationally recognised academics and professionals. Not only do they undertake research on the frontiers of scientific discovery, but they enthuse and inspire our students to become the next wave of innovators.

By taking advantage of their experiences and interaction with these teachers, students can gain insights and access opportunities within their areas of interest.

The UWA Careers Centre is an essential destination for any students seeking information on their future prospects, including employer links, job listings and personalised feedback on resumes and job applications.

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