Faculty of Science

Guy Coughlan

BSc Honours UWA
Managing Director, Head of Pension Advisory and Head of Longevity Solutions, J.P. Morgan Investment Bank, London UK; PhD in Theoretical Physics, Oxford University; MBA, Henley Business School

While the technical details of the subjects I studied have not been directly relevant to my career, they have provided an valuable foundation and, among the most important things I learned at university were the transferable skills associated with scientific method, critical analysis, problem solving, working effectively in teams, and thinking outside of the box.

Prior to my current roles, I was involved in setting up and leading various new business opportunities at J.P. Morgan, including a risk management software business, and a business providing advice on risk management and capital management to corporations and insurance companies.

I am Head of the European Pension Advisory business, which provides pension funds with advice on investments, funding and risk management. I am also Head of the Longevity Solutions business globally, which is an embryonic business that I started in 2007 and which provides insurance companies and pension funds with instruments to reduce their exposure to longevity risk. Finally, I serve as Head of Asset-Liability Management for the US Fiduciary Management business, which I helped to create and which takes on the management of US pension funds.

Winning the first client for a new business is always very satisfying, as is seeing competitors copy what you have done a year or two later.

What advice would you give someone who is considering taking up a degree in Science at UWA?

Be open to a broad education beyond the details of the subject matter. This will maximize your career options and opportunities.