The School of Biological Sciences is a large, multi-disciplinary School with research and teaching focussed on understanding and conserving life on earth.

As biologists, we are passionate about how living organisms – plants and animals – live, work, sense the world around them, communicate, reproduce, and can be managed, conserved and restored in threatened environments, as well as how they provide clues to advance medical science and treatment. We are also committed to the communication of science to the public and external stakeholders.

Our researchers tackle grand challenges in the laboratory and at field sites across the globe, studying plants and animals in natural as well as managed environments, including below and on the ground and in the air as well as in fresh and marine waters.  We use a wide range of techniques spanning scales from molecular and genetic to individuals as well as to populations and higher order ecosystems.

Understanding the vulnerabilities and resilience of a diverse range of species in different environments is informing us all as global citizens to value and protect life on earth and ensure a sustainable future.

Research disciplines