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Professional Educational Opportunities

The UWA Exercise and Performance Centre in conjunction with the School of Sport Science, Exercise and Health and external providers, offers a number of educational opportunities for health professionals, researchers, athletes and the community.

Contemporary Pilates Matwork Certification in partnership with art of motion training in movement (Australia).

The Contemporary Pilates Matwork Certification is your foundation qualification for teaching group or personalised Pilates Matwork lessons. This course is taught in partnership between the School of Sport Science, Exercise and Health and art of motion training in movement (Australia).

Summing up Contemporary Pilates is not easy, there is so much to say and even more to be experienced. It is functional movement combining corrective training and positive participant experience (fun!). It upholds and respects the fundamental principles of the Original Pilates Method, and looks at a person as a whole being with unique wants and needs. Contemporary Pilates stays up-to-date, open to change and is based on the wisdom of many proven and well-renowned modalities of modern science.

The Pilates Matwork Certification comprises of the following courses run from April - June 2016 at The University of Western Australia.


Pilates Anatomy (1 day)
application for prior learning available
9 April 2016
Pilates Essentials (5 days)
10 April 2016
16 April 2016 - 17 April 2016
30 April 2016 - 1 May 2016
Posture I: Body Reading (2 days)
14 May 2016 - 15 May 2016
Pilates Flow (4 days)
3 June 2016 - 6 June 2016
20 August 2016

These courses can be completed as a package in 1-2 years or taken as individual courses. A number of additional continuing development courses are also available including:

  • Slings Myofascial Training - Immersion (20.3.2016)
  • Pilates & Props: Roller, Toning Balls & Magic Circle (10.9.2016 - 11.9.2016)
  • Functional Pilates Choreography (3.9.2016 - 4.9.2016)
  • Pregnancy in Motion (5.11.2016-6.11.2016)
  • Anatomy Trains in Motion (1.4.2016 - 3.4.2016)

Target audience

This course and the individual modules are perfect for those who already hold a movement or exercise qualification such as Fitness Instructors, Exercise Physiologists or Physiotherapists.

More information

Art of Motion: Training in Movement

Administrator and Course Coordinator: Amy Morrow at move@art-of-motion.com

Paediatric Exercise Rehabilitation - Fundamental movement skills to specialised prescription.

In 2016 this event will be held in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

This course aims to extend participants understanding of paediatric exercise rehabilitation from the development and training of fundamental movement skills and motor proficiency, to paediatric assessments and clinical exercise delivery.

In addition to a series of online lectures, the face-to-face workshops will contain practical components including paediatric assessments focused on standardised movement assessments, and physiological assessments for children and adolescents. The design and implementation of training programs for FMS and fitness in paediatrics will be highlighted, providing attendees with practical strategies and tools to use in both typically developing and clinical populations.

Focusing on clinical populations there will be theoretical, practical and key considerations for an exercise physiologist or movement therapist working with children and adolescents across a range of clinical groups.  Pathologies and impairments discussed include obesity and metabolic syndrome, cancer, neurological, musculoskeletal and neurodevelopment conditions (i.e. ADHD, DCD, Autism spectrum disorders).

Participants will be required to demonstrate the selection of appropriate assessment techniques, interpretation of results and implementation of exercise programs across a variety of cases and conditions.


6th - 7th February 2016 *Earlybird registration closing on 21st January* 
13th - 14th February 2016 *Earlybird registration closing on 13th January*
5th - 6th November 2016 *Earlybird registration closing on 5th October*
12th - 13th November 2016 *Earlybird registration closing on 12th October*

Target Audience

Any Exercise Scientist, Exercise Physiologist, Sports Scientist, Sports coaches, Physical education teachers or other allied health professionals working in Paediatrics.