Faculty of Science

Cardiovascular research group

Our laboratory is an international leader in the development and optimisation of peripheral and cerebral vascular function assessment in humans.

As well as focusing on the function and structure of large arteries (i.e. macrovasculature), we have developed techniques to assess microvascular function and structure in vivo.

Download the document for comprehensive information on our vascular testing protocols:

Lab head: Winthrop Professor Daniel John Green

Winthrop Professor Daniel John Green

I am a human integrative biologist whose research focuses on the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. My specific expertise relates to novel imaging approaches to the assessment of micro and macrovascular diseases, including surrogate measures of early and occult disease.

I am a member of UWA's interdisciplinary BioZone research group, bringing an transdisciplinary approach to biomedical research to solve complex challenges, leading to improved patient care.

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